Bam! Flavor Dripping Down Your Leg

Full review for A-Frame can be found here. Quick Hit: The burger – a double cheeseburger – is a beast. Each one comes out with it’s own personality. Many leaning under ...

Rustic Canyon a Masterpiece from Burger to Bun

Quick Hit: Rustic Canyon is currently my favorite burger place.  This is based on the only burger of theirs I’ve tried so far – the Rustic Canyon Burger – an ...

Burger Rankings Updated!

Three new burger spots have been added to the rankings, Rustic Canyon, Stout Burger and The Foundry.  Full reviews aren’t up for any of the new additions quite yet, but ...

Full Reviews

Beechwood Review

Beechwood has gone through quite a few changes over the past year, ...

The Bowery Review

Location Burger Sides Ambience Value Overall The Bowery 91 89 88 83 ...

A Frame Review

A-Frame, the newest addition to Chef Roy Choi’s growing empire, has recently ...

Golden State Review

Golden State has long been known as a staple in the Los ...

Miru 8691 Review

Miru 8691 is a new, unique fusion restaurant, featuring Korean-Japanese-American style food. ...

Father’s Office Review

Fill in later… Location: 3229 Helms Avenue, Culver City Website: Review ...

Latest News

Rich Burger, Rich Experience at Beechwood

Review by David S.  Full review for Sunny Spot can be found here. Quick hit: Brioche bun makes the Sunny Spot something to write home about. With everything else executed perfectly, the the rich buttery bun makes it stand out. Burger (91/100): When our burger was set down in front of us, I immediately took notice of the […]

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Beechwood: Cool Location + Awesome Burger = Win

Full review for Beechwood can be found here. Summary:  This was your reviewers third Chef Roy burger in a 15 day period.  The burgers at his other joints, A-Frame and Cheego, were very good but the burger at Beechwood was amazing.   I didn’t have high expectations for the Beechwood burger fueled in part because of negative yelp reviews.  […]

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The Bowery Burger is Masterful

Full review for The Bowery can be found here. Summary:  The Bowery burger has everything a burger connoisseur craves: quality, uniqueness and unparalleled taste. Although the Bowery burger is known in foodie circles as a top notch gastropub burger it does not have the same kind of hype surrounding it as Umami or Rustic Canyon.  This is a shame […]

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I Bow Down to The Bowery

Review by David S.  Full review for The Bowery can be found here. Quick hit: I went in not expecting much, and dreading the thought of an English Muffin bun.  I left blown away, finding my favorite burger in one of the least expected places.  A ridiculously tasty red-onion confit, great toppings, quality burger, amazing sides, and […]

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Good Burger at a Bad Value. Hype>Rustic Canyon.

Full review for Rustic Canyon can be found here. Quick Hit: On paper it’s a really good concept: Niman Ranch Beef, onion fondue, bacon confit, fried farm egg. The downside were the proportions of the burger’s ingredients. Not worth $25. The Rustic Canyon Niman Ranch Burger is one of the only static items on the seasonal restaurant’s farmer’s […]

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Bowery – Solid. One of my new favorites

Full review for The Bowery can be found here. Quick Hit: Wow…. I was not expecting this place to be so good.  Burgers on toasted english muffins actually works out great here.  Gravy Fries make a great appetizer.  Very good onion rings Burger (90/100): Admittedly while waiting for our meal to arrive, I wasn’t all that […]

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